Changelog: 10 December 2019

This update brings the Scaled theme up to playability. This is also the last update before 2020 - there will be a 4 week turnaround on the next client update, although I will continue fixing any server-side (rule) bugs.

 - fix to sprites with back facing sometimes looking the wrong way
 - replaced the 20 second acid damage sound
 - newly revealed runes are now greyed out when too expensive to play
 - Esc key closes popups (like Settings)
 - cleaner fonts for condition proc and damage text
 - all condition descriptions simplified
 - Bot games optional in ranked queue when the queue is empty and no more than two ongoing games
 - Bot always available to players who have paid any amount on

 - four new champions, finishing up the Scaled theme
 - three new banners
 - fix to on-kill triggers like Fearsome Hunter
 - Latched On and Dragging now follow the path of the dragging unit
 - relocate abilities now correctly shift to the nearest tile
 - movement caused by other units ignores engagement restrictions
 - when two stealthed units bump, they now both destealth
 - Tea Scholar is now Overpowered
 - Burning Sands and Blinding Smoke spell redesign
 - Soul Siphon only triggers on champions worth 30+ essence
 - Generating sand removes grass and vegetation


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