Changelog: 8 November 2019

Sand and ice are in which means all terrain is finished! Plenty more quality of life updates too.

 - targetting now understands keyword, condition and name restrictions
 - spell targetting understands Warding and Shielded restrictions
 - fixed missing descriptions for conditions with same name as activated abilities
 - Sand and ice terrain
 - fix bug where you could not delete a BG with non-standard shrine
 - tidied up description popup layout. No more overlapping.

 - Festering Fluids is no longer a Disease condition (cannot be passed by Rabid/Infectious)
 - Dead Fairy is now Lumbering
 - Lithify also reveals stealthed champions for 1 turn (detection for Dwellers)
 - Runes that come off cooldown will now be correctly positioned in the rune dock
 - Sand no longer costs +1 AP
 - A new map


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Nov 08, 2019
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Nov 08, 2019

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