Changelog: 24 October 2019

Two major parts to this update: 1) Zombies are now a complete theme; 2) Overhaul of champion display UI

 - death tests now occur in parallel, not one unit at a time
 - Zombie units for Scaled; Zombie banner; Zombie support unit
 - points are generated by shrines. Fonts now generate points for their opponent.

 - Deck manager handles max BG slots, purchases enabled
 - Reformatting of in-game unit stats UI
 - spell presence values are now shown: none,self,1,2,3.. etc.
 - deploy animation
 - status animations for blinded and frightened
 - selected activated ability lights up while selecting target tile or unit
 - ranked queue shows whether or not it is empty
 - tidied up single player level descriptions
 - sounds for acid, psychic and frost damage
 - options for full screen. Settings available in the main menu via "Esc"


Essenceborn client for Linux 84 MB
Oct 24, 2019
Essenceborn client for Windows 80 MB
Oct 24, 2019

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