Changelog: 10 October 2019

Lots of tidying up of bugs introduced in earlier updates, in particular to the deck manager. Also a lot of quality of life UI updates, more of the Zombie theme, and some graphical tweaks.

 - music volume slider now enabled
 - fix to "ghosting" on terrain tile borders
 - End turn button disabled on opponent's turn
 - Movement highlighting changes on opponent's turn
 - client knows about engagement restrictions on move abilities
 - attack range highlights remain when the ability is selected
 - bug fixes to saving new BGs
 - menu buttons disable when disconnected
 - multiple fixes for single player levels
 - added on-tile decorations for large, repetitive map regions
 - runes are greyed out when there is insufficient essence
 - portal entrances now use the farthest valid unblocked exit
 - light as a feather now only affects champions
 - new single player level
 - basic AI for single player. It will fight back if a kill can be made.
 - new sources of dispel and cleanse (spells and equipment)
 - bug fix when adding BGs beyond your limit
 - fix for equipment that transfer on death
 - 4 new champions (no new sprites) for Zombie units


Essenceborn client for Linux 82 MB
Oct 10, 2019
Essenceborn client for Windows 78 MB
Oct 10, 2019

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