Changelog: 25 September 2019

This one is a Big Update. Lots of new features to be found.

 - new animations:
    - fire, electric, poison, sonic, frost, acid, and psychic damage (plus sounds)
    - Passive status condition
    - when positive or negative conditions are added
    - death "pop"
 - equipment icons in unit display
 - damage and status animations adjust to unit heights
 - fix missing vegetation terrain
 - fix ghosting text when activating an attack ability while moving
 - fix essence globes appearing before unit removal animation
 - Deck manager changes. Added "create bg" wizard.
 - handle starting/ending single player levels. One example tutorial level.
 - ambient sound track

 - notify client of damage types
 - added framework for single player levels
 - Zombie mechanics
 - fix to Latched On / Dragging
 - Overpowered condition: restrict some units to max 1 in play
 - 1 new equipment, 1 new champion
 - champions that become engaged during start turn phase no longer count as "just engaged" and can disengage that turn


Essenceborn client for Linux 82 MB
Sep 25, 2019
Essenceborn client for Windows 78 MB
Sep 25, 2019

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