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Changelog: 28 February 2020
This is a very small update. It happens some times. Client - Sprites for relics: Fissure, Soul Sphere Server - Tome of Wind - Add Wildfire condition and Igni...
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Changelog: 14 February 2020
This week has a substantial client update. The biggest technical change is that the Ink framework (from Inkle, used to control narrative games like 80 Days) has...
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Changelog: 31 January 2020
The major feature for this update is the chat lobby - now available in the menu and ranked queue. Use /who to see who is logged in. Client - Chat available in...
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Changelog: 15 January 2020
Development is back on after a break over December. This first update includes a load of new abilities related to spell casters, packed into a few new equipment...
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Changelog: 10 December 2019
This update brings the Scaled theme up to playability. This is also the last update before 2020 - there will be a 4 week turnaround on the next client update, a...
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Changelog: 21 November 2019 (AI update!)
The big update for these two weeks is the skirmish AI. This is a rough beginning of a bot player with plenty of easy improvements that will go in over the next...
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Changelog: 8 November 2019
Sand and ice are in which means all terrain is finished! Plenty more quality of life updates too. Client - targetting now understands keyword, condition and na...
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Changelog: 24 October 2019
Two major parts to this update: 1) Zombies are now a complete theme; 2) Overhaul of champion display UI Server - death tests now occur in parallel, not one uni...
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